Anastasios Vassilopoulos

BP 2122 (Bâtiment BP)
Station 16
CH-1015 Lausanne

BP 2122 (Bâtiment BP)
Station 16
CH-1015 Lausanne

Unité: GIS-GE


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Enseignement & Phd


  • Architecture,

Programmes doctoraux

  • Doctoral Program in Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Doctoral Program in Materials Science and Engineering



Advanced composites in engineering structures

Introduire des sujets dans les propriétés, le traitement, le comportement mécanique, la caractérisation, l'analyse et la conception de la structure des matériaux composites. Aider les élèves à développer leurs compétences en recherche à travers des enquêt... goto

Selected Topics on Advanced Composites in Engineering Structures

The course focuses on the current investigations in the fields of fatigue and fracture of composite materials and composite structural components, like adhesively-bonded joints. Students would be able to develop design concepts for composite structures un... goto


Research projects

15. “Composite sandwich bridge decks on fire”, Swiss National Science Foundation, 200021_156647, (2018-2022)
14. “Impact of experimentally-derived lightning waveforms on mechanical performance of composite structures”, Swiss National Science Foundation, International collaboration with Russia, IZLRZ2_163907/1, (2015-2018)
13. “Progressive fatigue damage modeling of FRP structural assemblies” Swiss National Science Foundation, 202221_156647, (2015-2018)
12. “Development of a prestressed and permanent soil/rock anchor made of non-corrosive carbon fiber composite materials” CCLab, EPFL, Swiss Innovation Promotion Agency, (2013-2017)
11. “Design tool for adhesively bonded timber joints”, CCLab, EPFL, Swiss National Science Foundation, NRP 66, No. 406640-136680, (2012-2016)
10. “Structural adhesives for bridges: characterization and durability”, CCLab, EPFL, Swiss Federal Roads Authority, (2006-2011)
9. “Ultralight photovoltaic structures – Strategic project (Solar Impulse)”, CCLab, EPFL, Swiss Innovation Promotion Agency, Integration of photovoltaic cells in FRP sandwich skins, (2006-2009)
8. “Fatigue of adhesively bonded joints from pultruded GFRP composites” CCLab, EPFL, Swiss National Science Foundation, (2006-2010)
7. PYTHAGORAS II, Strengthening of research teams in Universities “Fatigue life prediction of structures made of composite materials and loaded under complex, irregular, stress states” (2005-2007)
6. ENK6-CT2001-00552, “OPTIMAT BLADES – Reliable optimal use of materials for wind turbine rotor blades”, (2002- 2003)
5. ENK6-CT2000-00320, “DAMPBLADE”, “Wind turbine rotor blades for enhanced aeroelastic stability and fatigue life using passively damped composites”, (2000-2003)
4. EEC, JOULE, JOR3-CT98-0251 “ADUPTURB”, “Adaptation of existing wind turbines for operation on high wind speed complex terrain sites; kWh cost reduction”, (1999-2001)
3. EEC, JOULE, JOR3-CT98-0283 “AEGIS”, “Acoustic emission proof testing and damage assessment of wind turbine blades”, (1999-2001)
2. “SMT, European Wind Turbine Testing Procedures & Development. Task 2: Blade Test Methods and Techniques”, (1998)
1. ΕΠΕΤ ΙΙ, #573 “Development of Greek technology for wind turbines 400-500 kW and simultaneously development of Greek technology for wind turbine rotor blades”, (1995-1999)