Andrea Ridolfi

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I am a professor of Signal Processing and Communication Technologies at Bern University of Applied Sciences. Since 2004 I hold a lecturer position at EPFL, teaching “Mathematical Principles of Signal Processing” (Doctoral School, 2004 – 2011), “Statistical Signal and Data Processing through Applications” (Master Program, (2004 – ongoing), and Signal Processing and Machine Learning for Digital Humanities (Master, 2017 – 2019, co-taught with Mathieu Salzmann). Previously, I have been working as Project Manager and R&D Engineer at EPFL (2011-2014), coordinating the LCAV activities within the NSF – Nanotera project Opensense, and as Project Manager and R&D Engineer with the biomedical signal processing group at CSEM (2006-2011).

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Fields of expertise

Signal Processing, Stochastic Processes, Point Processes, Sensor Networks

Teaching & PhD


Communication Systems

Computer Science


Statistical signal and data processing through applications

Building up on the basic concepts of sampling, filtering and Fourier transforms, we address stochastic modeling, spectral analysis, estimation and prediction, classification, and adaptive filtering, with an application oriented approach and hands-on numerical exercises.