Anna Neus Igual Muñoz

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MXC 341 (Bâtiment MXC)
Station 12
CH-1015 Lausanne

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Main Publications

A. Igual Munoz, N. Alonso-Morales, J. Palomar, M. A. Gilarranz, S. Mischler
Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 166 (6) D181-D188 (2019)
Electrochemical Co-Deposition of Gold and Carbon Nanocapsules from a Colloidal Suspension
A. Dalmau, C. Richard, A. Igual Munoz
Tribology International 121 (2018) 167-179
Degradation mechanisms in martensitic stainless steels: Wear, corrosion and tribocorrosion appraisal
J. Navarro Laboulais, A.Amigo Mata, V. Amigo Borras, A. Igual Munoz
Electrochimica Acta 227, 410-418 (2017)
Electrochemical characterization and passivation behaviour of new beta-titanium alloys (Ti35Nb10Ta-xFe)
C. Valero-Vidal, I. Herraiz-Cardona, V. Perez-Herranz, A. Igual Munoz
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 198 142-153 (2016)
Stability of 3D-porous Ni/Cu cathodes under real alkaline electrolyzer operating conditions and its effect on catalytic activity
N. Espallargas, R. Johnsen, C. Torres, A. Igual Munoz
Wear 307, 190-197 (2013)
A new experimental technique for quantifying the galvanic coupling effects on stainless steel during tribocorrosion under equilibrium conditions
S. Mischler, A. Igual Munoz.
Wear 297 1081–1094 (2013)
Wear of CoCrMo alloys used in Metal-on-Metal hip joints: A tribocorrosion appraisal