Anne-Laure Mahul Mellier

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AI 2149 (Bâtiment AI)
Station 19
CH-1015 Lausanne

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Fields of expertise

Developmental Biology: electroporation in vivo in chick embryo, handling and staging of early chick embryo, cryostat sectioning, histology, TUNEL staining, immunohistochemistry.

Molecular Biology:
Plasmid construction, site-directed mutagenesis (deletion, insertion, point mutation), TOPo-cloning; Gateway cloning; PCR, RT-PCR, Q-RT-PCR

Biochemical Biology:
Western Blot, bringing to light evidence of protein interactions through immunoprecipitation, ubiquitination/deubiquitination assay in vivo and in vitro, Kinase assay.

Cellular Biology:
cell culture, neuronal primary culture, transfection, siRNA, shRNA, stable clone, immunocytochemistry, immunofluorescence, confocal microscopy, flow cytometry, lentivirus production and infection.
Quantification of cell Death: TUNEL, Hoechst, Propidium iodide (PI), 3,3?-dihexyloxacarbocyanine iodide (DIOC), caspase activity and MTT-test.


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