Annechien Sarah Helsdingen

CE 0 815 (Centre Est)
Station 1
CH-1015 Lausanne

Administrative data

Fields of expertise

Human Factors Research, Learning and Cognition, Training System Specification

Professional course

French language, level A2 UNIL/EPFL JANUARY-JUNE 2017
Planning and Managing the quality of research activities British Council & National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia June 2012
Writing English for publication Utrecht University January - May 2005
R&D portfolio management Cranfield University May 2002
Policy, personnel, organisation and financial management at the Dutch Armed Forces Dutch Government Institute 2001
Introductory course for civilians working at the Royal Netherlands Army RNLA - Military Academy 1998
Naval tactics and systems (several courses: surface warfare, subsurface warfare, air warfare) Royal Netherlands Navy - Operational School 1997 & 1998
Mine Counter Measures Royal Netherlands Navy - Eugermin Mine Warfare School 1997


PhD Psychology Open University of The Netherlands 8 november 2008
MSc Experimental Psychology Vrije Universiteit 12 september 1996