Annechien Sarah Helsdingen

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Why I want to be in the School Assembly
Having worked within research and education for over 20 years, as a researcher, as a consultant, as teacher, as a policy maker and as a training developer, I believe that we have reached a critical time regarding the future direction and success of the University. We need to be aware of the significant impact that globalization and changing demographics have on how we best organize higher education. We have seen some major technical developments in recent years that provide us with the tools to orchestrate change and optimize our processes, but we should not forget that the real change has to happen in the hearts and minds of people. People have to believe in new ideas, invest in new systems, and embrace change. Trust is key: if we can trust the professionalism and intentions of our leadership and each other, we can build a future. I feel the General Assembly can help build that trust, between leadership and employees, between employees and students, and between colleagues.

CE 0 815 (Centre Est)
Station 1
CH-1015 Lausanne

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