Anthony C. Davison

MA B1 423 (Bâtiment MA)
Station 8
CH-1015 Lausanne


Administrative data

Fields of expertise

Statistical theory and methods.

Applications, particularly to environmental and biological data.


Teaching & PhD


  • Mathematics,

PhD Programs

  • Doctoral Program in Mathematics

PhD Students


Probabilities and statistics

The course gives an introduction to the theory of probability and statistical methods for physicists goto

Time series

A first course in statistical time series analysis and applications, including practical work. goto

Modern regression methods

A second course on regression modelling, dealing with nonlinear effects of explanatory variables, and non-normal and dependent response variables. goto

Risk, rare events and extremes

Modelling of rare events, such as stock market crashes, storms and catastrophic structural failures, is important. This course will describe the special models and methods that are relevant to such modelling, including the mathematical bases, statistical ... goto

Data Analysis for Science and Engineering

An overview course intended for scientists and engineers who need to use statistical methods as part of their research, who have already attended a course at the second-year EPFL undergraduate level, and need revision and deepening of their knowledge at a... goto