Arne Seitz

AI 0241 (Bâtiment AI)
Station 15
1015 Lausanne

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Life Sciences Engineering


Bioimage informatics

The course provides a comprehensive overview of methods, algorithms, and computer tools used in bioimage analysis. It exposes fundamental concepts and practical computer solutions to extract quantitative information from multidimensional images, both using engineering methods and deep learning.

Advanced Microscopy for Life Science

For further information, please get in contact with the instructor or have a look on the following web-site:

Image Processing for Life Science

Registration details will be announced via email. It takes place from September to December & intends to teach image processing with a strong emphasis of applications in life sciences. The idea is to enable the participants to solve image processing questions via workflows independently.

Methods: from disease models to therapy

This course will describe methods underlying translational approaches from disease modeling and characterization to therapeutic applications. The presented techniques will be complemented by hands-on rotations in the technological platforms of the School of Life Sciences.

Biomicroscopy II

Introduction to the different contrast enhancing methods in optical microscopy. Basic hands-on experience with optical microscopes at EPFL's BioImaging and Optics Facility. How to investigate biological samples? How to obtain high quality images?