Babak Falsafi

INJ 233 (Bâtiment INJ)
Station 14
1015 Lausanne

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Fields of expertise

Computer architecture, datacenter systems, cloud-native server architecture.


Infoscience publications

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Computer Science

Communication Systems


Parallelism and concurrency in software

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Advanced multiprocessor architecture

Multiprocessors are basic building blocks for all computer systems. This course covers the architecture and organization of modern multiprocessors, prevalent accelerators (e.g., GPU, TPU), and datacenters. It includes a research project on multiprocessors and post-Moore era datacenters.

Topics in Machine Learning Systems

This course will cover the latest technologies, platforms and research contributions in the area of machine learning systems. The students will read, review and present papers from recent venues across the systems for ML spectrum.

Topics on Datacenter Design

Modern datacenters with thousands of servers and multi-megawatt power budgets form the backbone of our digital universe. ln this course, we will survey a broad and comprehensive spectrum of datacenter design topics from workloads, to server architecture and infrastructure.