Brice Lecampion

GC B1 391 (Bâtiment GC)
Station 18
1015 Lausanne

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Fields of expertise

Mechanics of porous media, 
Hydraulic fracturing, 
Dense suspensions flow, 
Rock mechanics 




Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France




UPMC, Paris



Infoscience publications


Teaching & PhD


Civil Engineering


Geotechnical engineering

Students know the different type of geotechnical structure (foundation, retaining walls etc,) their design and construction techniques. They are able to determine the different factors controlling the realisation of a geotechnical structure, and design these structures to satisfy the limit states.

Computational geomechanics

Fluid infiltrated porous media are ubiquitous all around us: concrete, soils, rocks but also wood, bones etc. Numerous engineering applications in civil, environmental, material sciences and bioengineering require the quantitative modeling of the combined mechanical deformation and fluid flow of porous geo-material. The goal of this course is to introduce the student to modern numerical

Continuum mechanics and applications

This course covers the fundamentals of continuum mechanics theory at the level of the graduate level and provide modern examples of applications in mechanics of fluids, solids and structures. It is adequate for students with a background in civil engineering, mechanical or material

Introduction to earthquake source physics

This course presents the classical and new approaches required to study the source mechanisms of earthquakes, combining theory and observations in a unified methodology, with a key focus on the mechanics governing fault ruptures highlighting novel developments in the field.

Fundamentals of Fracture with Fundamental Papers

The principles of fracture mechanics, from the energy balance approach of Griffith through modern computational approaches, will be introduced using key papers. Phase-field modeling and atomistic processes in fracture, as well as experimental developments, will complement theory.

Selected topics in poromechanics

This course presents fundamental and selected topics of the mechanics and physics of fluid-infiltrated porous media with applications to geo-mechanics. Mathematical modeling and the techniques for the solution of the resulting initial boundary value problems will be emphasized (scaling,numerics...).

Mechanics of earthquakes and aseismic slip

Fundamentals of fracture and friction. Numerical methods for models of earthquakes and aseismic slip. Geophysical observations/measurements. Aseismic slip and slow slip events: models and observations. Seismic slip and earthquake dynamics: models and observations.