Bruno Herbelin

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Scientist +41 21 693 04 67

Citizenship : French

Birth date : 22.06.1974

H4 2 134.094 (Campus Biotech batiment H4)
Ch. des Mines 9
CH-1202 Genève

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Fields of expertise

Virtual Reality for cognitive neurosciences
(computer graphics, programming, electronics, interaction design, experimental psychology, EEG)

Infoscience publications


Research topics

In the recent years, my research focused on the study of the neural mechanisms of bodily self-consciousness and of the experience of embodiment and presence in virtual reality (VR). My research is at the crossroad of fundamental cognitive neuroscience and engineering, where the development of state of the art VR technologies brings unpreceded opportunities for experimental cognitive neuroscience research, and where the understanding of cognitive mechanisms of perception and consciousness stimulates innovation for the engineering of new VR immersion and interaction paradigms.