Carmela Troncoso

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Tenure Track Assistant Professor +41 21 693 71 80

Our research focuses on building secure and privacy-preserving systems. We aim to develop tools and methodologies to help engineers embedding strong security and privacy guarantees in their designs, as well as techniques that help them to systematically quantifying the information that an adversary can infer from data she may have access to. More information about our activities here:

BC 258 (Bâtiment BC)
Station 14
CH-1015 Lausanne

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Teaching & PhD


Computer Science

Communication Systems

PhD Programs

Doctoral program in computer and communication sciences


Computer security

This is an introductory course to computer security and privacy. its goal is to provide students with means to reason about security and privacy problems, and provide them with tools to confront them.

Advanced topics on privacy enhancing technologies

This advanced course will provide students with the knowledge to tackle the design of privacy-preserving ICT systems. Students will learn about existing technologies to protect privacy, and how to evaluate the protection they provide.

Privacy at the communication layer

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