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Doctoral Program in Neuroscience


Neuroscience: behavior and cognition

State-of-the-Art Topics in Neuroscience Vlll: Fear Learning: from neuronal circuits to translation

Anxiety disorders are widespread in the human population. At the same time, the behavioral paradigm of fear learning offers researchers a platform to investigate the neuronal circuit basis of emotionally motivated learning behaviors, exploiting state-of-t...

State-of-the-Art Topics in Neuroscience IX (2019)

The goal of the course is to increase students' knowledge in the fields of Systems Neuroscience, Neurorobotics, and Neurobiology. The students will acquire knowledge about state-of-the-art discoveries from visiting Stanford Neuroscience professors and EP...

Scientific literature analysis in neuroscience

The goal of this course is to learn how to discover, digest, analyze and a criticize scientific papers encompassing a defined topic within neuroscience.