Catherine Dehollain


Biography and current work


She got the Master Degree in Electrical Engineering in 1982 from EPFL. Then, she worked in Geneva up to 1990 as a Senior Design Engineer in telecommunications at the European research center of Motorola. From 1990 up to 1995, she did her PhD thesis at the Chaire des Circuits et Systemes at EPFL in the domain of impedance broadband matching circuits. Since 1995, she is responsible at EPFL for the RFIC group. She has participated to different Swiss research projects as well as European projects dedicated to data communication of sensors nodes (e.g. MuMoR, Minami European projects) as well as remote powering of sensor nodes. Her main domains of interest are telecom applications (e.g. Impulse radio Ultra-Wide Band, super-regenerative receivers, RFIDs)as well as biomedical applications. She has been the coordinator of European projects (e.g. FP6 SUPREGE, FP7 Ultrasponder)and of Swiss projects (e.g. CAPED CTI project, NEURO-IC SNF project).

Catherine Dehollain

Nationality : Swiss and French
Birth date : 20.11.1957

Fields of Expertise

  • - RF Wireless communications of sensor nodes: Impulse radio UWB, super-regenerative receivers, 868 MHz ISM band, 2.45 GHz ISM bands, etc.
  • - Remotely powered sensor nodes through magnetic/electro-magnetic/electro-acoustic coupling.
  • - Remote powering and data communication of biomedical sensors: wireless cortical implant, mouse sensor, intelligent knee prosthesis.
  • - Electrical Analog filters.
  • - Broadband Impedance Matching Circuits.
  • - RFID Communication through magnetic coupling (125 KHz up to 27MHz) or electro-magnetic coupling(100 MHz up to 6 GHz).