César Pulgarin

CH A3 30 (Bâtiment CH)
Station 6
1015 Lausanne

Administrative data

Fields of expertise

  For a better water treatment and protection
  • Mechanistic study of Advanced Oxidation Processes AOPs (i.e. electrochemical, TiO2 photo-assisted, ultrasound, photo-Fenton) and their combinations for chemical and biological pollutants treatment in industrial and domestic wastewater
  • Action mode of solar light during inactivation of bacteria and virus in water and surfaces.  
  • Coupling of biological and AOP systems for industrial waste-waters treatment 
  • Design, preparation, chemical characterization, activity evaluation and mechanistic description of (nano) materials with (photo)catalytic activity pour environmental applications 
  • Development of supported self-cleaning and self-disinfecting (photo) actives devices with potential use to fight hospital infections
  • Cooperation projects with colleagues from Latin America and Africa. (Agro) industrial waste-waters treatment and household water disinfection by simple and non-expensive helio- photocatalytic processes. Supervision of PH D and trainees from these countries

Chemical Engineering Ranking: https://www.adscientificindex.com/scientist.php?id=1134734