Claudio Bruschini

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Scientist +41 21 693 39 11

Rue de la Maladière 71b
Case postale 526
CH-2002 Neuchâtel 2


Administrative data

Fields of expertise

- Present expertise and interests: Photonic/electronic quantum devices. Single photon detectors (SPAD arrays) and corresponding applications. Medical physics. 
- Past expertise and interests: 
Bulk and trace explosives and illicit substances detectors, including nuclear physics based. Humanitarian demining/unexploded ordnance sensors. Metal detectors. (Multi-)Sensor technology. 

Other publications



 2018-          Co-coordinator, Intuitive Surgical, Zeiss, others – industry-sponsored R&D

 2013-2016 Coordinator, FluoCam – internal R&D in collaboration with LUMC (NL) & EPFL
 2010-2014 Co-coordinator & Project Manager, FP7 SPADnet European project, with E. Charbon (EPFL). 3.7MEuro overall EC funding.
 Major European project with 9 partners for all-digital, network based, photonic modules in time-of-flight PET. The project was rated ‘Excellent’ in the final evaluation.
 2013-2015 Scientist & Project Manager, CHUV, EndoTOFPET-US FP7 European project. 5.516MEuro.
 Major CERN-led international collaboration for the creation of miniaturized PET probes for prostate and pancreatic cancer diagnosis. 
 2012-2014 Coordinator, NCCR transfer project “Advanced sensing system”, with CHUV & Forimtech SA. 786kEuro.
 2009-2012 Assistant Coordinator & Project Manager, CTI “Compact Probes” Swiss Industry-Academia project, with CHUV, EPFL and Forimtech SA.
 2009-2013 Project Manager, FP7 CURVACE FET Open European project (EPFL). 2.09MEuro.
 2006-2010 Assistant Coordinator & Project Manager, FP6 MEGAFRAME FET Open European project (EPFL). 1.85MEuro.
 Major European project with 5 partners for photon counting and single-photon imaging for biomedical applications. The final review report stated: “The published results set the consortium as a world-leader in the field of arrays for single quantum detection of visible light photons.”
 2004-2006 EC DELVE Support Measure (“Humanitarian Demining R&D project funding in Europe & Lessons Learned”), with VUB, Brussels. 220kEuro.
 2002-2004 Assistant Coordinator, EC EUDEM2 Support Measure, with VUB, Brussels. 547kEuro.
 1998-1999 Assistant Coordinator, EC EUDEM Support Measure, with VUB, Brussels. 84kEuro.
 1996-1997 DeTeC (Demining Technology Center) project, EPFL-LAMI (J.-D. Nicoud).
 1993-1995 EC ESPRIT GP-MIMD2 project, at CERN.