Claudio Bruschini

Rue de la Maladière 71b
Case postale 526
CH-2002 Neuchâtel 2


Administrative data

Fields of expertise

- Present expertise and interests: Photonic/electronic quantum devices. Single photon detectors (SPAD arrays) and corresponding applications. Medical physics.

- Past expertise and interests:
Bulk and trace explosives and illicit substances detectors, including nuclear physics based. Humanitarian demining/unexploded ordnance sensors. Metal detectors. (Multi-)Sensor technology.


Teaching & PhD


  • Microengineering

PhD Programs

  • Doctoral Program in Microsystems and Microelectronics



Course introduces the concept of measurement in electrical, optical, and microscale domains, dealing with accuracy, and resolution. We’ll introduce techniques to handle intrinsic and extrinsic limitations of the measurement in these domains. Course ends... goto



2013-2016 Coordinator, FluoCam – internal R&D in collaboration with LUMC (NL) & EPFL

2010-2014 Co-coordinator & Project Manager, FP7 SPADnet European project, with E. Charbon (EPFL). 3.7MEuro overall EC funding.
Major European project with 9 partners for all-digital, network based, photonic modules in time-of-flight PET. The project was rated ‘Excellent’ in the final evaluation.

2013-2015 Scientist & Project Manager, CHUV, EndoTOFPET-US FP7 European project. 5.516MEuro.
Major CERN-led international collaboration for the creation of miniaturized PET probes for prostate and pancreatic cancer diagnosis.

2012-2014 Coordinator, NCCR transfer project “Advanced sensing system”, with CHUV & Forimtech SA. 786kEuro.

2009-2012 Assistant Coordinator & Project Manager, CTI “Compact Probes” Swiss Industry-Academia project, with CHUV, EPFL and Forimtech SA.

2009-2013 Project Manager, FP7 CURVACE FET Open European project (EPFL). 2.09MEuro.

2006-2010 Assistant Coordinator & Project Manager, FP6 MEGAFRAME FET Open European project (EPFL). 1.85MEuro.
Major European project with 5 partners for photon counting and single-photon imaging for biomedical applications. The final review report stated: “The published results set the consortium as a world-leader in the field of arrays for single quantum detection of visible light photons.”

2004-2006 EC DELVE Support Measure (“Humanitarian Demining R&D project funding in Europe & Lessons Learned”), with VUB, Brussels. 220kEuro.

2002-2004 Assistant Coordinator, EC EUDEM2 Support Measure, with VUB, Brussels. 547kEuro.

1998-1999 Assistant Coordinator, EC EUDEM Support Measure, with VUB, Brussels. 84kEuro.

1996-1997 DeTeC (Demining Technology Center) project, EPFL-LAMI (J.-D. Nicoud).

1993-1995 EC ESPRIT GP-MIMD2 project, at CERN.