David Suter

AI 1241 (Bâtiment AI)
Station 19
1015 Lausanne

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Life Sciences Engineering


Cellular and molecular biology I

The course covers the regulation of gene expression, which translates the information contained in the genome into function, by adjusting the levels and activities of mRNAs and proteins to the needs of specific cells, tissues and environments. A particular emphasis is given on experimental methods.


This course describes the human immune system, and the immunological bases of vaccination, transplantation, immunotherapy and allergy. It also describes the role of stem cells in the formation of tissues, in particular the hematopoietic lineage.

Stem cells and organoids

This course introduces the fundamentals of stem cell biology, with a particular focus on the role of stem cells during development, tissue homeostasis/regeneration and disease, and the generation of organoids from stem cells

Practical - Suter Lab

Bioluminescence imaging and data analysis Splinkerette PCR (to analyze genomic insertion site of a transgene). The students will obtain theoretical and practical insight into embryonic stem cell biology and the study of gene expression fluctuations in single cells.