Denis Gillet

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MER, Dr., Senior Member IEEE and Member ACM +41 21 69 35168

Faculty Member
Head React Group
School of Engineering
Station 11 - EPFL - Ecublens
CH-1015 Lausanne
Office: ELG 141
Phone: 41 21 693-5168

ELG 141 (Bâtiment ELG)
Station 11
CH-1015 Lausanne


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Web-based Interaction Systems
Human-Computer Interaction
Human-Device Interaction
Cyber Physical Systems
Coordination Systems
Autonomous Vehicles
Connected Vehicles


Enseignement & Phd


  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering,
  • Mechanical Engineering

Programmes doctoraux

  • Doctoral program in computer and communication sciences
  • Doctoral Program in Electrical Engineering
  • Doctoral program in robotics, control, and intelligent systems
  • Doctoral Program Digital Humanities



Multivariable control and coordination systems

L'objectif du cours est que les étudiants soient capables de mettre en œuvre des solutions digitales avancées de commande et de coordination de systèmes dynamiques complexes distribués comme des systèmes de production ou de distribution d'énergie, ainsi q... goto

Social media


Enjeux mondiaux: communication A

Le cours présente les enjeux mondiaux actuels liés à la communication instantanée et aux médias sociaux. L'approche interdisciplinaire intègre les SHS et les sciences de l'ingénieur et initie au travail de groupe et à la démarche scientifique. goto

Recent Master Students

2016-2017 Vincent Hardy, Attitude and Orbital Control Performances of the BIOMASS Satellite @ Airbus (Spring). Joanna Salathé, Innovation Support Services @ Nothing Interactive (Fall). Pierre Gabioud, Full Web WYSIWYG Seat Map Editor @ Securix (Fall). 2015-2016 David Sandoz, Participatory design thinking @ Nothing Interactive (Fall). 2014-2015 Nguyen Duy Phuong, Implement a NPM server using NodeJS technologies @ Adobe Research Switzerland (Sping). Mikaël Castellani, User Interface for Data Analytics @ QuartetFS New York (Sping). Sven Reber, Design principles for Mobile Ad Hoc Social Media Applications in the context of NGO Field Operations (Sping). Jonny Quarta, Middleware support for Mobile Ad Hoc Social Media Applications in the context of NGO Field Operations (Sping). Igor Vokatch-Boldyrev, Temporary Social Media Application for Live Interaction in the Classroom (Winter). Nicolas Gailly, Network & IT @ Orange (Winter). 2013-2014 Matthieu Nowicki, Using Paper Maps to Collect and Share Local Knowledge. Miji Kim, Social Interaction Display in Conferences and Courses. 2012-2013 Junfeng Lu, Optimal control of blood glucose concentrations under uncertainty for patients with type 1 diabetes. 2011-2012 Ricardo Henriques, Optimal Control for the Treatment of Diabetics During Physical Activity. 2010-2011 Daniel Nellen, Decentralized Navigation of Autonomous vehicles at intersections. Benjamin Fankhauser, Energy Efficient Crossing Of Automated Guided Vehicles. 2009-2010 Sergi Martinez, Population-based Approach and Stochastic Modeling of Diabetics. Romain Vallotton, Optimisation d'installations de chauffage combinées. Gergely Nardai, Optimal crossing of automated guided vehicles. Jérémy Nguyen-Xuan, Analysis, design, and implementation of a test suite for the CERN Indico project. 2008-2009 Hajir Roozbehani, Adaptive Highways. Li Na, Trust and Reputation in Web 2.0 Collaborative Learning Social Software. Arnaud Moretti, Control of a Real Unicycle Robot. Constantin Niemeyer, Optimal Racing Line Computation for a Formula 1 Car. 2007-2008 Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin, Automatic Bidding in Online Keyword Auctions. Jonathan Lugon, kinematic model, trajectory planification, control. Jean-Etienne Holzeisen, AGV for the transshipment of Containers. Marc Clapera, Exhibition robot. Michael Stalder, Dedicated controller design for a dual-stage DDL. Martin Aeberhard, Modeling of a shoulder. Michael Cubero, Stochastic Model and Estimation for Glucose. Veronika Trottmann, Modeling of meal absorption in diabetic patients. Jannik Fenner, Control strategy for automated guided vehicles. Martin Ehrensperger, SwissCube Attitude Determination and Control. 2006-2007 Jordi Martin Bonet, SwissCube attitude determination. Fabian Schossau, Atmospheric disturbance compensation in the VLTI telescope. Piyawat Kaewkerd, Collective Motion Stabilization and Recovery Strategies. Jean Mabillard, Virtual See-trough.  Basile Graf, SwissCube Control Algorithms Design and Validation. 2005-2006 Arenaza Nerea, Semi-automatic Web Services composition. 2004-2005 Alexandre Jung, Wheel-based Mobile Platform. Marti Joana Maria Comas, Trajectory Tracking in Platooning. Granges Olivier, Authoring Tools for Web-based Experimentation Environments.


Research Group

See the Web site of my React Research Group.


Coordination and Interaction Systems. This interdisciplinary research aims at handling coordination and interaction challenges using systems engineering methodologies. The underlying approach is to exploit in an integrated manner the dynamical couplings that exist between users, devices and information systems to ease adoption and improve usability in distributed frameworks. Innovative domains of deployment are cyber physical systems, autonomous transportation systems, social media for digital education and knowledge management, as well as humanitarian technology.

Recent Outside Contracts Awarded (PI @ EPFL)

DIARY Digital Affordance for Protection, EPFLinnovators, 2018-2022.
MOOLs Massive Open Online Labs, swissuniversities, 2018-2020.
Go-Ga Go-Lab Going to Africa, H2020 IST, 2018-2020.
Next-Lab Next Generation Stakeholders and Next Level Ecosystem for ColLaborative Science Education with Online Labs, H2020 IST, 2017-2019.
DriveForAll Autonomous and connected vehicles at roundabouts, PSA, 2016-2020.
CROSS Making digital status physically perceptible, EPFL-UNIL, 01-12.2016.
Maxon High Density Fiber Positioner Robotic Systems for Massive Astrophysical Spectroscopic Surveys, CTI, 03.2016-10.2017.
SCOPES Enabling Web-based Remote Laboratory Community and Infrastucture, SNSF, 08.2015-07.2018.
Paddoc Cloudless Communication Middleware for NGOs, Hasler Foundation, 04.2015-10.2015. EPFL Innogrant, 01.2015-12.2015.
MSF-Graasp Innovative Agile Social Media Platform for Knowledge Management in the Field, Médecins sans Frontières, 06.2014-03.2016.
DESI Developing a high accuracy, cost effective robot-positioners system for cosmology spectroscopic surveys, SNSF, 07.2014-06.2016.
Go-Lab Global Online Science Labs for Inquiry Learning at School, EU, FP7, 11.2012-10.2016.
UAV Collision Avoidance, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Honeywell, 12.2011-11.2015.
PLE Personal Learning Environment, SWITCH Foundation, 09.2011-04.2013.
Jumpers Jobzippers User-driven Multi-relational and Personalized Recommender System, Commission for Technology and Innovation CTI, 03.2011-08.2012.
STELLAR Network of Excellence in Technology Enhanced Learning, EU, FP7, 02.2009-05.2012.
ROLE Integrated Project on Responsive Open Learning Environments, EU, FP7, 02.2009-01.2013.
6th Sense End-to-End Adaptive Wearable Augmented Reality, Hasler Foundation, 10.2005-07.2010.
Autonomy 2.0 Introduction of Social Learning Approaches in Engineering Education, EPFL FIFO Innovation Funds, 09.2007-08.2009.
PALETTE Integrated Project on the Exploitation of Tacit and Explicit Knowledge in Communities of Practice, EU, FP6, 02.2006-01.2009.
PRIMA Optical Differential Delay Line for the European Southern Observatory, SNSF&EPFL, 01.2004-08.2008.