Dimitrios Lignos

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Associate Professor

dimitrios.lignos@epfl.ch +41 21 693 24 27

GC B3 485 (Bâtiment GC)
Station 18
CH-1015 Lausanne

Administrative data

Fields of expertise

-Performance-Based Design
-Assessment and Retrofit of Existing Structures
-Nonlinear Analysis with Emphasis on Deterioration Phenomena
-Multi-scale Experimental Testing
-Analysis, Design & Evaluation of Steel Structures
-Seismic Risk and Loss Assessment
-Databases for Performance-based Engineering
-Low Damage Protection Systems

Infoscience publications



My work integrates simulation-based engineering science and the use of experimental methods for the risk and life-cycle cost quantification of steel and composite structures under multi-hazards. Recent work focuses on the utilization of innovative materials for multi-hazard risk mitigation and the development of multi-scale model techniques along with open access tools for elucidating the influence of deteriorating mechanisms on the structural performance of structures with emphasis on seismic loading. Check periodically our resslabtools.epfl.ch website for recent developments on database and integrated numerical models.