Dominique Foray

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Citizenship : French and Swiss

ODY 3 03.2 (Odyssea)
Station 5
CH-1015 Lausanne

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ODY 3 03.2 (Odyssea)
Station 5
CH-1015 Lausanne

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Fields of expertise

- Economics of innovation 
- Science and technology indicators 
- Technology policy 
- Knowledge-based economy 
- Innovation & development 
- Smart specialization


Infoscience publications


Teaching & PhD


Management of Technology

PhD Programs

Doctoral Program in Technology Management


Technologie, économie et politique: en face des crises

Technology policy and the energy transition

This course involves the theoretical and empirical analysis of technology Policy as applied to the issue of energy transition. To address this so-called "Grand Challenge", the combination of market-based instruments with technology policy seems to be of critical importance.

Publishing in Management, Technology and Innovation

Economics of Innovation and Technological Change

Technology and Public Policy - (d) Technology and innovation policies for grand and global challenges

This course is about how to structure a policy response to the so-called grand challenges (climate change or global health).It examines mission-oriented R&D programs in various sectors as well as specific policy instruments to learn about the best ways to accelerate innovations in a given sector.

Field Research Project A

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Field Research Project B

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