Francesco Varrato

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RLC D1 220 (Rolex Learning Center)
Station 20
CH-1015 Lausanne

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Simulation and theory of coarse grained models of soft matter. Studies on colloidal gels, polymer melts, supercooled liquids and glassy systems. Research on physical fractals and dynamically arrested amorphous structures.


Autres publications

Francesco Varrato, Giuseppe Foffi
Molecular Physics, Volume 109, Issue 22, 2011
Apollonian packings as physical fractals
Lorenzo Di Michele, Francesco Varrato, Jurij Kotar, Simon H Nathan, Giuseppe Foffi, Erika Eiser
Nature Communications volume 4, Article number: 2007 (2013)
Multistep kinetic self-assembly of DNA-coated colloids
Francesco Varrato, Lorenzo Di Michele, Maxim Belushkin, Nicolas Dorsaz, Simon H Nathan, Erika Eiser, Giuseppe Foffi
PNAS November 20, 2012 109 (47) 19155-19160
Arrested demixing opens route to bigels
Lorenzo Di Michele, D Fiocco, F Varrato, Srikanth Sastry, Erika Eiser, Giuseppe Foffi
Soft Matter, 2014, 10, 3633-3648
Aggregation dynamics, structure, and mechanical properties of bigels
Biagio Nigro, Claudio Grimaldi, Peter Ryser, Francesco Varrato, Giuseppe Foffi, Peter J Lu
Phys. Rev. E 87, 062312 – Published 19 June 2013
Enhanced tunneling conductivity induced by gelation of attractive colloids
Francesco Varrato
EPFL PhD Thesis
Routes to Novel Colloidal Gels
Francesco Varrato
Pisa Univesity Master Thesis
Correlazione temporale della velocità in liquidi molecolari