Freddy Radtke

SV 2534 (Bâtiment SV)
Station 19
1015 Lausanne

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Life Sciences Engineering


Stem cells and organoids

This course introduces the fundamentals of stem cell biology, with a particular focus on the role of stem cells during development, tissue homeostasis/regeneration and disease, and the generation of organoids from stem cells

Scientific project design in translational oncology

The theme of the course is the role of inflammation in cancer. It focuses on the regulation and multifaceted functions of tumor-associated inflammatory cells, and how they promote or oppose cancer.

Practical - Radtke Lab

Self renewing organs. Flow Cytometry as tools for the analysis of the hematopoietic system.

General Biology

The purpose of the course is to provide a general overview of the biology of cells and organisms. We will discuss this in the context of cell and organ life, focusing on the regulatory principles you will encounter in your biology studies.