Frédéric Claude Denis Dreyer

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As cluster “Digitalization of Infrastructures and cities” and "sustainable territories" manager, we will try to embrace challenges linked to the rapid changes to our planet’s environment, driven by urban population growth, resources scarcity and climate change… with increasingly evident ramification that will unfold in the upcoming decades.
Moreover Cities have intertwined stocks and flows of energy, information, materials, goods, and people. They generate 80% of the world’s GDP and CO2 emissions and consume 75% of its resources. The emergence of the sharing economy, the quest for a decent quality of life, and the ubiquity of technologies are profoundly transforming the structure, organization, composition, and needs of modern cities. Contemporary urbanization spurs a unique set of challenges that suits EPFL ENAC’s faculty DNA and creates major opportunities for improving urban sustainability. EPFL ENAC faculty will adopt a system-of-systems approach; it will account for all interdependencies between mobility, logistics, energy production and efficiency, urbanism, urban ecology, urban metabolism, and well-being.
This context invokes myriad opportunities to explore the scientific, cultural and human dimensions in our relationship with the rapidly changing environment.

GC C2 406 (Bâtiment GC)
Station 18
CH-1015 Lausanne

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