Gabriele Manoli

BP 3138 (Bâtiment BP)
Station 16
1015 Lausanne

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Environmental Sciences and Engineering


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Lin Guo-Shiuan, Yin Yuxin,


Soil sciences

This course is an introduction to Soil Sciences, and it focuses on the main soil characteristics, properties, and functions. The teaching is based on theoretical concepts, exercises as well as field and computer experiments.

Climate and water sensitive urban design

This project-based course introduces students to the field of urban climate and hydrology, with a focus on nature-based solutions for the design of climate and water resilient cities.

Human habitat : a study on the Alpine territory

The domestication of the Alps is addressed through the study of the construction methods of the built environment. A study between architecture, anthropology and territorial sciences in order to understand the contemporary Alpine 'system'.

Poly-Trees: species pathways

This teaching unit proposes a reflection on the EPFL-UNIL campus through a transcalar analysis aiming to improve the strategies defining the built environment and public spaces of both campuses - while encouraging the interaction between all of the species within them and the ecological transition.