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- Applied econometrics
- Bibliometrics
- Industrial economics


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Doctoral Program in Technology Management


Economics and applied econometrics of innovation

This class will provide students with an understanding of some real-world issues related to the "knowledge economy." Why should we innovate as a society? Why innovation doesn't just happen and how can the government help firms innovate? We will answer these questions and others using economic tools.

Economics of innovation and IP

This class provides an introduction to the economics of innovation and intellectual property (IP). The first part explains intuitively key economic concepts related to innovation and innovation policy. The second part introduces elements of IP strategy through case studies, debates and speakers.

Introduction to econometrics

The course provides an introduction to econometrics. The objective is to learn how to make valid (i.e., causal) inference from economic data. It explains the main estimators and present methods to deal with endogeneity issues.

Technology and Public Policy - (c) Technology, intellectual property and innovation policy

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