Giulia Tagliabue

MED 1 2626 (Bâtiment MED)
Station 9
CH-1015 Lausanne

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Mechanical Engineering


Heat and mass transfer

This course covers fundamentals of heat transfer and applications to practical problems. Emphasis will be on developing a physical and analytical understanding of conductive, convective, and radiative heat transfer.

Nano-scale heat transfer

In this course we study heat transfer (and energy conversion) from a microscopic perspective. This allows us to understand why classical laws (i.e. Fourier Law) are what they are and what are their limits of validity . We will then discuss emerging opprotunities in nanoscale devices.

Nanophotonics and its application for society

The summerschool focuses on nanophotonics and its applications in energy, sensing and communications. World-leading expert in the field will address both fundamentals and state-of-the-art research topics, enabling participants to explore new opportunities for societal impact with nanophotonics.