Hannes Bleuler

Web site: http://lsro.epfl.ch/
Unit: LSRO

BM 5132 (Bâtiment BM)
Station 17
CH-1015 Lausanne

Web site: http://apel.epfl.ch/
Unit: APEL

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Fields of expertise

Biomedical Robotics
Haptic Interface
Surgery Robotics and Instrumentation


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PhD Students


Basics of robotics

This course introduces the basics of robotics. Different aspects related to robot architectures (Serial Parallel -Cartesian), sensors, kinematics and dynamic modeling and control are presented. Each of these theoretical topics is linked to its practical... goto

Haptic human robot interfaces

This course teaches basic knowledge on haptic devices, force feedback and mechanical man-machine interfaces. Lectures are about 30 %, the rest is hands-on practical work with the "haptic paddle", a complete mechanical device with full laptop control inter... goto