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Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

PhD Programs

Doctoral Program in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Doctoral Program in Civil and Environmental Engineering

PhD Students

Zanchetta Enio Daniel,

Past EPFL PhD Students

Baud Olivia , Dahoun Thamani ,


Chemosensory receptors: Applications for biosensors and medical therapies

The course aims at providing insight into the cellular and molecular basis of smell and taste with specific emphasis on how molecules are detected by these chemosensory systems.

Gene transfer and recombinant protein expression in animal cells

(Coursebook not yet approved by the section)

Pharmaceutical biotechnology

The course focuses on the development and application of biotechnology-based approaches to human diseases. It provides current information on the engineering and pharmaceutical production of highly specific therapeutic proteins, vaccines, and other important €œbiologicals€ at an industrial scale.

Project in biotechnology

To complete a project in bioprocess field in a research lab.