Irène Elizabeth Vogel Chevroulet

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Citizenship : Suisse - Anglaise

EPFL Teachers' Council

BP 4227 (Bâtiment BP)
Station 16
CH-1015 Lausanne

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Fields of expertise

Architecture Theory & History 19th -21th c. 
Architecture and Garden Art in Japan 
Writings and drawings on Japanese Architecture and Garden Art since 1870 

Japanese Culture
European Cities History 
Japanese Culture and Art: 
Painting - Calligraphy - Ceramics 
Artistic practices: Piano - Ceramics

Selected publications



1) Reiko Hayama, Between the Acts: Legacies from Le Corbusier and Kunio Maekawa
 Article for Dearq Architecture Review Le Corbusier's collaborators N2 Uni de los Andes Bogota 2015
 In collaboration with:
 Yasushi Zenno
 Lecturer Aoyama Gakuin Women’s Junior College Tokyo
 2) Effet Dom-ino? Aimé Humbert's Japon Illustré 1870's impact on Western architects
Neuchâtel Ethnography Museum Catalogue Imagine Japan March 2015

3) The Architecture of Japan: discovery, assimilation and creation - Josiah Conder opens the Way
 Essay for Zürich University Asien Orient Institute
 In collaboration with Dr Simone Muller and Dr Robin Rehm
 2013 Colloquium's Proceedings Gebr. Mann Verlag Berlin 2016
 4) Bernard Huet and Japan 1964
On Photography - Against Interpretation
Paper for the Society of Architecture Historians Conference in Pasadena 2016

5) Bernard Huet au Japon
 Architectures et jardins Zen

Essay for the Presses Polytechniques Universitaires Romandes 2016

6) Reiko Hayama, Between the Acts: Legacies from Le Corbusier and Kunio Maekawa
Project of translating the essay (published in english in 2015) in Japanese and publication in Japan

7) Charlotte Perriand and Bernard Huet: Japanese architecture and garden as sources of inspiration
Project of editing two papers presented at the Society of Historians of Architecture conferences: Pittsburgh 2007 and Los Angeles 2016

8) Paths of the Gods and Architects: from Japan to the Acropolis. Actual research concerning Dimitris Pikionis and Japan, the paper has been presented at the EAHN-SAHANZ conference in Sydney 2019 and will be published in the Journal of Landscape Architecture JoLA 2020