Janet Gordon Hering


Biography and current work


Massachusetts Institute of Technology/ Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Joint Program, Cambridge, MA, Ph.D. in Oceanography, May1988.

Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, A.M. in Chemistry, January 1981.

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, A.B. in Chemistry, June 1979.

Professional Experience

Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (Eawag) (2007 to present) Director.

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL) (2010 to present) Professor of Environmental Chemistry, School of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering (ENAC).

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich (ETHZ) (2007 to present) Professor of Environmental Biogeochemistry, Department of Environmental Sciences; affiliated faculty, Department of Civil, Environmental, and Gomatic Engineering.

California Institute of Technology, Environmental Science & Engineering Department, (2009 to present) Visiting Associate, (2002-2008) Professor, (1996-2002) Associate Professor; (2003-2006) Executive Officer, Keck Laboratories for Bioengineering, Environmental Science & Engineering, and Materials Science.

University of California, Los Angeles, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, (1997-1999) Adjunct Professor, (1995-1996) Associate Professor, (1991-1995) Assistant Professor.

Institute for Water Resources and Water Pollution Control (EAWAG), Duebendorf, Switzerland, Chemistry Department, (1988-1991) Research Fellow.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, Ralph M. Parsons Laboratory for Water Resources and Hydrodynamics, Department of Civil Engineering, (1982-1988) Research and Teaching Assistant.

Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, Chemistry Department, (1979-1981) Research and Teaching Assistant.

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, Chemistry Department, (1978-1979) Teaching Assistant.

Mobil Oil Research and Development Corporation, Princeton, NJ, (Summer 1978) Summer Research Intern

Research Interests

Biogeochemical cycling of trace metals and metalloids: microbial redox cycling; field studies of metal redox cycling, mobilization, and sequestration

Mineral weathering and reactions at mineral surfaces: mechanisms and kinetics of dissolution and precipitation reactions; macroscopic, spectroscopic, and modeling studies of sorption processes

Water treatment processes for removal of inorganic contaminants: role of sorption in contaminant removal; design of novel sorbents

Janet Gordon Hering