Jean-Philippe Brantut

PH D3 314 (Bâtiment PH)
Station 3
CH-1015 Lausanne

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Administrative data

Fields of expertise

Quantum optics, quantum simulation, strongly correlated Fermions, mesoscopic physics


ERC Starting Grant

Devices, engines and circuits: quantum engineering with cold atoms


Fondation Sandoz Chair

Fondation Sandoz Monique de Meuron program for Academic promotion



Selected publications

Teaching & PhD


General physics : mechanics

Give the student the basic notions that will allow him or her to have a better understanding of physical phenomena, such as the mechanic of point masses. Acquire the capacity to analyse quantitatively the consequences of these effects with appropriate theoretical tools.

Quantum optics and quantum information

This lecture describes advanced developments and applications of quantum optics. It emphasizes the connection with ongoing research, and with the fast growing field of quantum technologies. The topics cover some aspects of quantum information processing, quantum sensing and quantum simulation.

Advanced Topics in Quantum Sciences and Technologies

This course provides an in-depth treatment of the latest experimental and theoretical topics in quantum sciences and technologies, with a focus on quantum sensing, quantum optics, cold atoms, and the theory of quantum measurements and open dissipative quantum systems.