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Biography and current work


Jean-Pierre Hubaux is a full professor at EPFL. Through his research, he contributes to laying the foundations and developing the tools for protecting privacy in tomorrow’s hyper-connected world. He has pioneered the areas of privacy and security in mobile/wireless networks and in genomics.

He is the academic director of the recently created Center for Digital Trust (C4DT). He leads the ETH-funded project  Data Protection in Personalized Health (DPPH) . He held visiting positions at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center and at UC Berkeley. He is one of the seven commissioners of the Swiss FCC and was a member of the “Information Security Task Force”, set up by the Swiss federal government. He is a Fellow of both IEEE (2008) and ACM (2010). He is among the most cited researchers in privacy protection and in information security.

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Italo Dacosta
Juan Ramon Troncoso-Pastoriza

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Selected talks

Keynote speech at Laboratoire informatique de Grenoble, April 2017:
"The Security and Privacy Challenges Raised by Precision Medicine"
(50' video)

Keynote speech at WiSec, the ACM Wireless Networks Security Conference, Darmstadt, July 2016: "The Ultimate Frontier for Privacy and Security: Medicine"

Keynote speech at APVP, the Atelier sur la Protection de la Vie Privée, Toulouse, July 2016: "Protection des données génomiques"

Invited talk at the MAKI Workshop on Robust Communication in SDN, Darmstadt, March 2016: “Privacy Challenges in Mobile and Pervasive Networks”

Invited talk at the Conference on Genomic and Patient Privacy (GaPP), Stanford School of Medicine, March 2016: “Protecting Genomic Data”

Keynote speech at WIFS, the IEEE International Workshop on
Information Forensics and Security: “Privacy and Security in the Genomic Era”, Rome, November 2015

Invited talk at the CROSSING Conference, Darmstadt, June 2015: "Protecting Genomic Data: A Grand Challenge for Cryptography"

Invited talk at CMU/CyLab, Pittsburgh, September 2013: “Holistic Privacy: From Location Privacy to Genomic Privacy”

Keynote speech at POST, the Conference on Principles of Security and Trust (Rome, March 2013): "From Location Privacy to Genomic Privacy"

Keynote speech at WiOpt, the Conference on Wireless Networks Optimization (Paderborn, May 2012): "On Location Privacy"

Keynote speech at WONS, the Conference on Wireless On-demand Network Systems and Services (Courmayeur, January 2012): "The Assault on Privacy"

Keynote speech at GameSec, the Conference on Decision and Game Theory for Security (Berlin, November 2010):
"Designing Network Security and Privacy Mechanisms: How Game Theory Can Help"

Keynote speech at Financial Crypto (Canary Islands, January 2010): “Security Mechanisms with Selfish Players in Wireless Networks”

Keynote speech at the European Wireless Conference (Aalborg, May 2009): "The Ultimate Challenge for Wireless Networks is to Secure Them!"

Distinguished lecture at the Information Trust Institute of UIUC (Urbana-Champaign, April 2009): "Security and Non-Cooperative Behavior in Wireless Networks"

Keynote speech at GameComm (Athens, October 2008): "Game Theory and Wireless Security"

Keynote speech at ACM Mobihoc 2006, Florence, May 2006: Security and Cooperation in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks: Revisiting Niccolo´ Machiavelli

Jean-Pierre Hubaux
Private phone : +41-21-693-2627
Fax : +41-21-693-6610

Fields of Expertise

  • Privacy Protection, Information Security, Mobile Networking, Data Protection in Personalized Health, Non-Cooperative Behavior