Jiri Vanicek

BCH 3111 (Batochime UNIL)
Av. F.-A. Forel 2
1015 Lausanne

Web site:  Web site:  https://lcpt.epfl.ch

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Teaching & PhD


Chemistry and Chemical Engineering


Mathematical methods in chemistry

This course consists of two parts. The first part covers basic concepts of molecular symmetry and the application of group theory to describe it. The second part introduces Laplace transforms and Fourier series and their use for solving ordinary and partial differential equations in chemistry & c.e.

Project of Computational chemistry

This course exploits modern computational tools in a research project aiming at resolving a chemistry problem by group of two students.

Molecular quantum dynamics

The course covers several exact, approximate, and numerical methods to solve the time-dependent molecular Schrödinger equation, and applications including calculations of molecular electronic spectra. More advanced topics include introduction to the semiclassical methods and Feynman path integral.