Johann Michler


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Materials Science and Engineering


Thin film fabrication technologies

The students will learn about the essential chemical, thermodynamic and physical mechanisms governing thin film growth, about the most important process techniques and their typical features, including process-microstructure-film properties relationships.

Materials selection

Propose suitable materials, design, and production routes depending on different performance criteria using a computer based software approach. The course is based on Prof. Mike Ashby's well known "Ashby plots" comparing different material properties (mechanical, thermal, chemical, etc.).

21Intro Scanning electron microscopy techniques

Modern Scanning Electron Microscopes, when combined with Focused Ion Beams (Dual beam FIB-SEM), provide a larger number of multimodal imaging and analysis/characterisation modes at the nano- and micron-scales. The aim of the course is to present the extended analytical possibilities of such device.

Thin film and small scale mechanics

The course focuses on mechanics of solid thin films and small scale structures and on state-of-the-art experimental techniques employed for evaluation and extraction of thin films and small scale structures mechanical properties. Lectures are example intensive, with in depth theoretical analysis.