John Martin Kolinski

MED 2 2626 (Bâtiment MED)
Station 9
1015 Lausanne

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Teaching & PhD


Mechanical Engineering


Continuum mechanics

Continuum conservation laws (e.g. mass, momentum and energy) will be introduced. Mathematical tools, including basic algebra and calculus of vectors and Cartesian tensors will be taught. Stress and deformation tensors will be applied to examples drawn from linear elastic solid mechanics.

Experimental methods in engineering mechanics

This course gives an advanced treatment of experimental methods in the context of mechanics by way of example. Students will construct significant components of experimental apparatus, use their apparatus to collect data, interpret the resulting data, and write reports on the experiments.

Fundamentals of Fracture with Fundamental Papers

The principles of fracture mechanics, from the energy balance approach of Griffith through modern computational approaches, will be introduced using key papers. Phase-field modeling and atomistic processes in fracture, as well as experimental developments, will complement theory.