Julien Alexandre Andres

CP1 270 (Amphipole UNIL)
Rte de la Sorge
1015 Lausanne

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Teaching & PhD


Chemistry and Chemical Engineering


Chemistry Laboratory Work I

The student will learn how to work in a chemistry laboratory. He/she will acquire a quantitative and/or qualitative approach. TP carried out are in relation to the courses of chemistry and will be followed by a second part "TP2".

Chemistry Laboratory Work II

Introduction to basic manipulations in general, inorganic and analytical chemistry. Introduction to classical quantitative analysis. Learn to carry out quantitative analysis. General principles of the classical quantitative analysis.

Advanced general chemistry

This course aims at the acquisition of essential notions on the structure of matter, chemical equilibria and reactivity. Theoretical teaching and exercise provide the methodology to analyze and solve by reasoning and calculation novel problems of general chemistry.