Kay Severin

BCH 3307 (Batochime UNIL)
Av. F.-A. Forel 2
CH-1015 Lausanne

Web site:  Web site:  https://lcs.epfl.ch

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Chemistry and Chemical Engineering


Chemistry of elements s and p

Introduction to the chemistry of the s & p elements of the periodic table.

Preparative chemistry II

Advanced chemistry laboratory Admission to the TP is conditional on the successful completion of 2 of the 3 courses: CH-222 Coordination chemistry, CH-223 Organometallic chemistry, CH-233 Fonctions et réactions organiques

Supramolecular chemistry

The course provides an introduction to supramolecular chemistry. In addition, current trends are discussed using recent publications in this area.

Inorganic chemistry "Fundamentals and properties"

To present and discuss important recent contributions in the field of inorganic chemistry with an emphasis on fundamental aspects and properties.Literature seminars based on selected publications,emanating from the last 12 months, preceded by introduction and followed by a group discussion.

Inorganic chemistry "Techniques and methods"

(Coursebook not yet approved by the section)

Inorganic chemistry "Applications and spin-offs"

(Coursebook not yet approved by the section)