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Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

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Introduction to chemical engineering Laboratory Works

This course aims to expose the students to basic and modern processes/systems important to chemical engineers. Students perform experiments in groups, analyze results and use these to design industrial scale processes. Written and oral reports and laboratory performance are used for the final mark.

Chemical engineering practice

This course provides the students with practical experience with simple "unit operations" based on heat and mass transfer . The students develop the ability to scale-up laboratory results into the design of industrial-size components.

Numerical methods

This course introduces students to modern computational and mathematical techniques for solving problems in chemistry and chemical engineering. The use of introduced numerical methods will be demonstrated using the MATLAB programming language.

Fluid mechanics and transport phenomena

The concept of Shell balances, the Navier-Stokes equations and generalized differential balances equations for heat and mass transport are given. These relations are applied to model systems. Integral balances are introduced in the context of boundary layers and transfer coefficients.

Chemical engineering product design

Chemical product design has become more important because of major changes in the chemical industry. This course presents the basic method for chemical product design and gives direct practice to this procedure via a design project.