Konstantin Svetlozarov Gavazov

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Collaborateur scientifique

konstantin.gavazov@epfl.ch +41 21 693 57 50 https://www.wsl.ch/en/employees/gavazov.html

Nationalité : Bulgarian

GR B2 407 (Bâtiment GR)
Station 2
CH-1015 Lausanne

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Autres publications

Gavazov K., J. Ingrisch, R. Hasibeder, R. Mills, A. Buttler, G. Gleixner, J. Pumpanen, M. Bahn
(2017) Science of the Total Environment, vol. 590-591, p. 316-324
Winter ecology of a subalpine grassland: Effects of snow removal on soil respiration, microbial structure and function
Puissant, R. Mills, B. Robroek, J., K. Gavazov, Y. Perrette, S. De Danieli, T. Spiegelberger, A. Buttler, and J-J. Brun, L. Cécillon
(2017) Biogeochemistry, vol. 132, p. 123-139
Climate change effects on the stability and chemistry of soil organic carbon pools in a subalpine grassland
Blanchet G., K. Gavazov, L. Bragazza, and S. Sinaj
(2016) Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, vol. 230, p. 116-126
Responses of soil properties and crop yields to different inorganic and organic amendments in a Swiss conventional farming system
Gavazov, K., F. Hagedorn, A. Buttler, R. Siegwolf, and L. Bragazza
(2016) Oecologia, vol. 180(1), p. 257-264
Environmental drivers of carbon and nitrogen isotopic signatures in peatland vascular plants along an altitude gradient
Puissant, J., L. Cécillon, R. Mills, B. Robroek, K. Gavazov, S. De Danieli, T. Spiegelberger, A. Buttler, and J-J. Brun
(2015) Soil Biology and Biochemistry, vol. 80, p. 296-305
Seasonal influence of climate manipulation on microbial community structure and function in mountain soils
Gavazov, K., R. Mills, T. Spiegelberger, J. Lenglet and A. Buttler
(2014) Ecosystems, vol. 17 (8), p. 1326-1337
Biotic and abiotic constraints on the decomposition of Fagus sylvatica leaf litter along an altitudinal gradient in contrasting land use types
Mills, R., K. Gavazov, T. Spiegelberger, D. Johnson and A. Buttler
(2014) Science of the Total Environment, vol. 473-474, p. 465-472
Diminished soil functions occur under simulated climate change in a sub-alpine pasture, but heterotrophic temperature sensitivity indicates microbial resilience
Gavazov, K., T. Spiegelberger, and A. Buttler
(2014) Oecologia, vol. 174(4): p. 1425-1435
Transplantation of subalpine wood-pasture turfs along a natural climatic gradient reveals lower resistance of unwooded pastures to climate change compared to wooded ones
Gavazov, K., A. Peringer, A. Buttler, F. Gillet, and T. Spiegelberger
(2013) Ecology and Society, vol. 18(1):38
Dynamics of forage production in pasture-woodlands of the Swiss Jura Mountains under projected climate change scenarios
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(2012) Agrarforschung Schweiz, vol. 3(7-8): p. 346-353
Conservation of pasture woodlands in the Jura mountains: climate change and agro-political challenges
K. S. Gavazov
(2010) Plant And Soil, vol. 337, p. 19-32
Dynamics of alpine plant litter decomposition in a changing climate
Martin, M., K. Gavazov, C. Körner, S. Hättenschwiler, and C. Rixen
(2010) Global Change Biology, vol. 16, p. 1057-1070
Reduced early growing season freezing resistance in alpine treeline plants under elevated atmospheric CO2
Gavazov, K. S., N. A. Soudzilovskaia, R. S. P. van Logtestijn, M. Braster, and J. H. C. Cornelissen
(2010) Plant and Soil, vol. 333, p. 507-517
Isotopic analysis of cyanobacterial nitrogen fixation associated with subarctic lichen and bryophyte species