Luc Thévenaz

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Professeur titulaire +41 21 693 47 74

Nationalité : Switzerland

ELE 138 (Bâtiment ELE)
Station 11
CH-1015 Lausanne

Unité: SEL-ENS


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Fibre Optics 
Optical & fibre optics sensors 
Optical communication 
Signal processing 
Slow & Fast Light



Autres publications

Luc Thévenaz
Nature Photonics 2(8), 474-481 (2008)
Slow and fast light in optical fibres
Luc Thévenaz
Nature Photonics 9, 144-146 (2015)
Silicon nanophotonics: Good vibrations for light
Desmond M. Chow, Zhisheng Yang, Marcelo A. Soto, and Luc Thévenaz
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Distributed forward Brillouin sensor based on local light phase recovery
Marcelo A. Soto, Mehdi Alem, Mohammad Amin Shoaie, Armand Vedadi, Camille-Sophie Brès, Luc Thévenaz, and Thomas Schneider
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Optical sinc-shaped Nyquist pulses of exceptional quality
Marcelo A. Soto, Jaime A. Ramirez, and Luc Thévenaz
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Intensifying the response of distributed optical fibre sensors using 2D and 3D image restoration
Andrey Denisov, Marcelo A. Soto, and Luc Thévenaz
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Going beyond 1000000 resolved points in a Brillouin distributed fiber sensor: theoretical analysis and experimental demonstration
Avi Zadok, Yair Antman, Nikolay Primerov, Andrey Denisov, Juan Sancho and Luc Thévenaz
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Random-access distributed fiber sensing
Marco Santagiustina, Sanghoon Chin, Nicolay Primerov, Leonora Ursini, and Luc Thévenaz
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All-optical signal processing using dynamic Brillouin gratings
Sanghoon Chin and Luc Thévenaz
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Luc Thévenaz, Stella Foaleng Mafang, and Jie Lin
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Miguel González-Herráez, Kwang-Yong Song, and Luc Thévenaz
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Observation of pulse delaying and advancement in optical fibers using stimulated Brillouin scattering
Luc Thévenaz
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Brillouin distributed time-domain sensing in optical fibers: state of the art and perspectives
Marc Niklès, Luc Thévenaz, and Philippe A. Robert
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Brillouin gain spectrum characterization in single-mode optical fibers