Maher Kayal

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Professeur titulaire 41 21 693 39 81

Nationalité : Swiss

Date de naissance : 03.12.1959

ELB 338 (Bâtiment ELB)
Station 11
CH-1015 Lausanne

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Domaines de compétences

  • Analog Circuits Design Modeling and Deign Methodologies.
  • Mixed-mode Low Power Low Voltage electronics design.
  • Sensors interface and signal processing.
  • CAD tools for Analog circuits.


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Enseignement & Phd


Advanced analog IC design

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IC design for robustness

For over 5 decades, technology scaling has served to reduce the cost of electronic components and functionality. This course deals with the trade-off between analog and digital in the nanometer era. A number of concrete examples will be used to illustrate the possible trade-offs.

Low-voltage analog CMOS IC design

1. MOS Transistor Modeling for Low-Voltage and Low-Power Circuit Design
2. Limits to Low-Voltage Analog Design
3. Basic Low-Voltage Circuit Techniques
4. Low-Voltage SC Circuits
5. Design of Linear SC Circuits in Digital CMOS Technology
6. Design of Op-Amps at Low Supply Voltages
7. Towards Sub-1 Volt Analog IC Design
8. Rail-to-Rail In

Power management

1. DC-DC Converters, Topologies & Control Techniques
2. Converter Modeling and Feedback Loop Design
3. Microprocessor Power Supplies
4. Switched-Capacitor Power Supplies
5. CMOS Linear Regulators, Design and Case Studies
6. Bandgap References
7. Alternative Bandgaps and Applications
8. Battery Charging Techniques & Circuits for

PLLs and clock & data recovery

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