Marc Ilegems

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CH A3 475 (Bâtiment CH)
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CH-1015 Lausanne

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Solid State Physics, Engineering and Materials Science.

Semiconductor-based technologies and devices for electronics and photonics.

Nanosciences, micro and nano-technologies, quantum electronics and photonics, microcavities, single photon sources and detectors, physics of low dimensional devices.

Infrared and visible lasers for optical communications and displays, light emitting diodes, photonic integrated circuits, photovoltaics, sensors.

III-V and III-nitride wide bandgap semiconductor materials, advanced epitaxial growth and processing techniques.


Selected publications

Grandjean N, Ilegems M Visible emission from InGaN/GaN quantum-dot materials and devices Proc. IEEE, vol. 95 (9), pp. 1853-1865 (2007) Butte R, Christmann G, Feltin E, Carlin JF, Mosca M, Ilegems M, Grandjean N Room-temperature polariton luminescence from a bulk GaN microcavity Phys. Rev. B 73 (3): Art. No. 033315 JAN 2006 Feltin E, Carlin JF, Dorsaz J, Christmann G, Butté R, Ilegems M, Grandjean N Crack-free highly reflective AlInN/AlGaN Bragg mirrors for UV applications Appl. Phys. Lett. 88 (5): Art. No. 051108 JAN 30 2006 Dorsaz J, Buhlmann HJ, Carlin JF, Ilegems M Selective oxidation of AlInN layers for current confinement in III-nitride devices Appl. Phys. Lett 87 (7): Art. No. 072102 AUG 15 2005 Dorsaz J, Carlin JF, Gradecak S, Ilegems M Progress in AlInN-GaN Bragg reflectors: Application to a microcavity light emitting diode J. Appl. 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Doctoral Thesis Advisor

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