Marie Violay

GC D1 401 (Bâtiment GC)
Station 18
1015 Lausanne

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Fields of expertise

-Rock mechanics -Rock physics -Fault and earthquake mechanics -Hydro-mechanical couplings

Teaching & PhD


Civil Engineering



Fundamental intro to the most central aspects of geology and provides insight to the structure and composition of the earth subsurface, and the elements, minerals and rocks that make up our planet. Gives also an understanding of earth process and their interactions with GC infrastructures.

Rock mechanics

The students understand the mechanical behaviour of rock materials, joints and rock masses, and are able to determine the factors conditioning civil engineering applications. They are able to use appropriate methods for carrying out analysis and design of tunnel excavation and support.

Rock mass characterization for engineering design

This course advances geomechanics knowledge, focusing on lab tests, in situ & geophysical investigations for interpreting geotechnical projects. Practical modules cover rock physics, mechanics, borehole & subsurface geophysics.

Designing Testing Machines for Geomechanics

Develop your own machines to meet your scientific needs. Learn how to build high-pressure, high-temperature machines, as well as low-to-high-speed friction machines for geomechanics experiments. Additionally, gain knowledge about commonly used sensors in geomechanics.