Marilyne Andersen

LE 1 115 (Bâtiment LE)
Station 18
CH-1015 Lausanne

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Sustainable Architecture 
Daylighting Strategies 
Design-Decision Support 
Human Comfort and Perception
Light and Health


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UE K : Architecture and Sustainability : performance studies

This course is based on the team design of a temporary, mobile and sustainable theater. A pedagogical approach which will focus on the introduction of the concepts of sustainability applied to the design of a project with a short life span.

Comfort and architecture: sustainable strategies

This class offers an overview about comfort evaluations in architectural design and suggests passive and low-energy strategies suited to ensure the highest possible indoor environment quality for buildings.

Mission Asclepios: Terrestrial lunar base

This ENAC week provides students the opportunity to conduct an analysis of the interior conditions of an analog lunar base used by Asclepios to conduct simulated space missions, and to learn more about the challenges of designing controlled interior spaces in extraterrestrial environments.


This course articulates itself around light as a structuring element of space and time, through an approach that intertwines sun dynamics, materiality, construction and ecological footprint.