Marinella Mazzanti

CH A1 398 (Bâtiment CH)
Station 6
CH-1015 Lausanne

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Chemistry and Chemical Engineering


Inorganic Chemistry Virtual Seminar Series

The course will consist on a series of seminars from leading scientists in the broad field of Inorganic Chemistry. It will cover all areas of Inorganic Chemistry (coordination chemistry, bioinorganic chemistry, materials, catalysis, MOFS ) with strong focus on molecular chemistry.

Inorganic chemistry "Fundamentals and properties"

To present and discuss important recent contributions in the field of inorganic chemistry with an emphasis on fundamental aspects and properties.Literature seminars based on selected publications,emanating from the last 12 months, preceded by introduction and followed by a group discussion.

Inorganic chemistry "Techniques and methods"

(Coursebook not yet approved by the section)

Inorganic chemistry "Applications and spin-offs"

(Coursebook not yet approved by the section)

General chemistry I (For MEU)

Fundamental aspects of general chemistry necessary for medical doctors are presented.