Maryna Viazovska

MA B3 444 (Bâtiment MA)
Station 8
CH-1015 Lausanne

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Doctoral Program in Mathematics


Discrete mathematics

Study of structures and concepts that do not require the notion of continuity. Graph theory, or study of general countable sets are some of the areas that are covered by discrete mathematics. Emphasis will be laid on structures that the students will see again in their later studies.

Riemann surfaces

This course is an introduction to the theory of Riemann surfaces. Riemann surfaces naturally appear is mathematics in many different ways: as a result of analytic continuation, as quotients of complex domains under discontinuous group actions, as algebraic curves.

Modular forms and applications

In this course we will introduce core concepts of the theory of modular forms and consider several applications of this theory to combinatorics, harmonic analysis, and geometric optimization.

Monstrous moonshine

The monstrous moonshine is an unexpected connection between the Monster group and modular functions. In the course we will explain the statement of the conjecture and study the main ideas and concepts leading to its proof. Our final goal is to study Borcherd's proof of the Moonshine conjecture.