Michel Rappaz

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michel.rappaz@epfl.ch +41 21 693 28 44

MXD 130 (Bâtiment MXD)
Station 12
CH-1015 Lausanne

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Directed and co-directed PhD theses

2015 C. Mondoux
Mesoscopic Modeling and Experimental Investigations of the Last-Stage Solidification of Globular-Equiaxed Grains in Metallic Alloys: Application to the Al-Cu System
2015 A. Durussel
Influence of Zinc Anisotropy on Solidification Microstructures: Experimental Results and Phase-Field Simulations
2014 G. Kurtuldu
Influence of Trace Elements on the Nucleation and Solidification Morphologies of Fcc Alloys and Relationship with Icosahedral Quasicrystal Formation
2013 H. Meidani (co-directed with A. Jacot)
Phase-field modeling of micropore formation in a solidifying alloy
2013 Shan Jin (directed: Ch. Leinenbach, co-directed: M. Rappaz)
Characterization and modeling of Au-Ge based high temperature lead-free solder systems
2013 M. Sistaninia (co-directed with J.-M. Drezet)
Granular dynamic calculations of hot tearing formation
2012 J. Valloton
Phase competition in peritectic Cu-Sn alloys during solidification at low speed in a diffusive regime
2012 L. Deillon (co-directed with A. Hessler, CIME-EPFL)
Soudure par interdiffusion dans les systèmes Au-In et In-Ni : application à des composants microélectroniques
2011 J. Friedli
Interfacial Energy Anisotropy and Growth Morphologies in Aluminium-Zinc Alloys
2011 J. Vannod (co-directed with A. Hessler, CIME-EPFL)
Laser Welding of Nickel-Titanium and Stainless Steel Wires : Processing, Metallurgy and Properties
2010 A. Mariaux
Texture Formation in Hot-Dip Galvanized Coatings : Nucleation and Growth of Anisotropic Grains in a Confined Geometry
2010 M. Felberbaum
Porosity in Aluminium Alloys : Visualization, Characterization, and Modeling
2009 M. Salgado-Ordorica
Characterization and Modeling of Twinned Dendrite Growth
2009 D. Favez
Soudage laser or-acier : Métallurgie et procédé
2008 F. Gonzales
Etude des morphologies de solidification dans les alliages aluminium-zinc
2008 F. Kohler
Peritectic solidification of Cu-Sn alloys microstructure at low speed
2007 V. Mathier
Two-phase modelling of hot tearing in aluminium alloys using a semi-coupled method
2007 S. Vernède
A granular model of solidification as applied to hot tearing
2006 L. Lach (PhD done in industry, co-directed with R. Parker)
Modelling Vapour expansion in extruded cereals
2004 P.-D. Grasso
Study and modelling of hot-tearing formation
2003 Th. Campanella
Study and modelling of grain refinement by electromagnetic stirring in continuously cast Cu-base alloys
2002 Th. Kaempfer
Modelling of macrosegregation using multigrid techniques
2002 Ch. Péquet
Modelling of micro- and macroporosity formation using multigrid techniques
2001 A. Sémoroz
Study of nucleation and growth in Al and Zn coatings deposited by hot-dipping
2000 Th. Jalanti
Modelling of macrosegregation in continuously cast Al ingots
2000 X. Doré
Modelling of microsegregation in Al-base alloys
1998 S. Henry
Study of feathery grain formation in Al alloys
1997 Ph. Rousset
Study of crystallisation of cocoa butter and of its components
1997 A. Jacot
Modelling of solid state transformation during induction heating
1996 J.-M. Drezet
Thermomechanical modelling of continuously cast Al ingots
1995 Ch. Charbon
Stochastic modelling of eutectic grain structure formation
1994 C.-A. Gandin
Stochastic modelling of dendritic grain structure formation
1993 Th. Imwinkelried
Modelling of DS and SX turbine blades
1989 Zou Jie
Modelling of gray cast iron solidification
1988 Ph. Thévoz
Modelling of equiaxed dendritic solidification