Mirjana Stojilovic

INJ 235 (Bâtiment INJ)
Station 14
CH-1015 Lausanne

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If you are passionate about hardware security, FPGAs, design automation, machine learning, side-channel attacks, cloud computing, parallel CPU/FPGA/GPU computing, or embedded system design, contact me.

Our current project ideas can be found on this link. Additionally, we offer one project in collaboration with Cyber Defence Campus, armasuisse; more details can be found here: link.

These are only some topics we'd be happy to work on. If interested to hear more, don't hesitate to contact me; I'd be glad to try to find other topics that would be of mutual interest.

Semester projects and MSc Theses completed in my research group:

-- MSc Thesis, David Spielmann: Routing delay sensors for remote power side-channel attacks on FPGAs
-- Lucien Bart: Evaluating and enhancing the performance of MetriSCA Library
-- Pierre Colson: Remote attacks on FPGA clock networks
-- David Dervishi: FPGA-to-CPU fault-injection attacks
-- David Spielmann: Power side-channel analysis on remotely accessible FPGAs

-- Anton Hosgood: Titan benchmark suite: From VTR to Xilinx FPGAs
-- Léa Michelaud: Threshold Implementation of a Block Cipher
-- Arthur Passuello: Remote power side-channel disassembly attacks on ARM-based FPGA SoCs
-- Cédric Holzl: FPGA routing with limited crosstalk side-channel attack opportunities

-- MSc Thesis, Hédi Fendri: ML-based side-channel analysis and disassembly of hardware Root of Trust (Recipient of the Omega Student Award)
-- Cédric Holzl: Secure routing against crosstalk-attacks on FPGAs
-- Morten Petersen: Xilinx Series-7 FPGA Routing Architecture Analysis
-- Gaietan Renault: Experimental comparison of voltage sensors on FPGAs
-- Markus Ding: Parallel FPGA Router compatible with VPR 8.0
-- Dorian Ros: Mutual Information analysis of an FPGA implementation of the AES encryption algorithm
-- Mathieu Caboche: GPU acceleration of electromagnetic time-reversal algorithm
-- Sacha Coppey: Design and performance evaluation of dataflow-enabled domain-specific CGRAs
-- Ahmed Ben Haj Yahia: Customizing FPGA Designs using RapidWright

-- Alexandre Abbey: Differential power analysis attack on an FPGA implementation of AES algorithm
-- Robin Mamie: Designing a multicycle processor in Chisel
-- Frédéric Gessler: A shared-memory parallel implementation of the RePlAce global cell placement algorithm
-- Markus Ding: FPGA Trojan for controlled voltage drop injection
-- Ugo Damiano: Step response characterization of FPGA power delivery networks

-- MSc Thesis, Dario Korolija: FPGA-based hardware acceleration of FPGA routing
-- Alex Ferragni: Attack on Altera FPGAs using bitstreams
-- Martin Chatton: Parallel FPGA routing using recursive net-partitioning


Fundamentals of digital systems

The course aims to provide strong foundations for students to understand the basics of organization and design of digital systems.