Mohamed Bouri

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MED 3 1315 (Bâtiment MED)
Station 9
1015 Lausanne

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Topics in Autonomous Robotics

Students will be introduced to modern approaches in control and design of autonomous robots through lectures and exercises.

Applied and industrial robotics

This course is a real contact with industrial robotic applications. Components and mechanisms are reminded. The fields of microtechnical assembly and packaging are treated. CTOs from established companies (BlueBotics, Adept, Maxon motors and UniTechnologies) are involved in this course.

Robotics practicals

The practicals can include the following topics:
  • Teaching Robots to Accomplish a Manipulation Task
  • Experimenting with haptic interfaces
  • Controlling a serial robot ABB IRB 120
  • Control of the Micro Delta Direct Drive robot
  • LiniX, linear axis, assembly and control

Haptic human robot interfaces

This course teaches basic knowledge on haptic devices, force feedback and mechanical man-machine interfaces. Lectures are about 40 %, the rest is hands-on practical work with the "haptic paddle", a complete mechanical device with full laptop control interface. Realization of project in groups of 2.